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Big Kid Sleep Made Simple + Support

Program + Support


A step-by-step online course that's proven to work, customizable and comprehensive. 

You get 5 years access to this online course!

Plus, you get 30 days of support. This includes weekly group Zoom calls and access to our Sleep Training Community.

This life-changing program will: 

✓ Get your 2-6 year old happily sleeping in their bed all night (crib or big kid bed).

✓ Stop the bedtime battles and get your kiddo easily falling asleep on their own.

✓ Eliminate night wakings and night feeds

✓ Get your 2-3 year old napping easily everyday 

✓ Show you loving and respectful ways to encourage your child to accept new sleep routines without breaking their spirit. Based on positive and respectful parenting. No threats, punishments or ignoring your child's needs.  



What People Are Saying:

Today, for the first time in 4 years, after we prayed, told stories and sang lullabies, I kissed her, told her I loved her and said good night, and she said "Ok mama, I'm calm, I'll try to sleep now and I won't scream." I left the room, opened the baby monitor and 10 quiet minutes later..... she fell asleep on her own. I am in disbelief. Every time I've ever tried to pull that off, I've been met with sheer terror, screaming and crying.... I ALWAYS have to lay next to her so she can fall asleep. Thank you so much!!!


Love getting to talk to Jilly on weekly Zoom calls. It helps me straighten out my thinking, get confident and tailor sleep training for my child. If you're considering it - definitely get the support option! Makes all the difference.


We tried multiple attempts at sleep training on our own, and were exhausted and frustrated when we finally stumbled upon Jilly. She and her team walked us through every step of the sleep training journey. The method was gentle and mindful of our child’s personality, and we now have a toddler who sleeps beautifully!! We're more rested and present parents. Can't thank you enough!